he HAVEN HILL PROJECT is a cooperative effort on behalf of many different Michigan organizations. The goal is to investigate and preserve the unique historical & natural resources that exist at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford's family estate on Haven Hill, located at Highland State Recreation area, in S.E. Michigan. The Lodge, Carriage house, Pool, Tennis court, Fountain/Gardens, Barn, Horse stables, Dam, Historic Nature trails, & grounds through out the

estate are an exqusite combination of natural and historical wonders, conbined in one setting. Edsel Ford, heir to the Henry Ford's Motor Compnay legacy, broke ground on the estate in 1923 and lived and visited there until his death in 1943, and the sale of the property to the State in 1946. The State of Michigan's, Department of Conservation and then eventually transferred into the posession of the Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), where it became part of other lands the state had purchased in the area, and eventually Highland Recreation area. Part of this unique and amazing environment is the fact that the area is designated not only a historical site, but also a state Natural area, and National Landmark as well. This combination of history and nature in one setting makes the Haven Hill area at Highland Recreation area, one of the most interesting places in our state.
he Haven Hill Project encompasses both the history of the Edsel Ford Estate, as well as the Natural environment that surrounds this area. The Estate sits on what is a state designated natural area because of the diversity in habitats and life there. The many different trees that grow throught out Michigan are all represented in this preserve. The combination of history and nature blend into a wonderful and enjoyable experience for all visitors.